Welcome to diehexeakakoza – fashion, lifestyle and travel blog!


My name’s Klaudia Brach and I’m the author of this blog. For sure you’re wondering why my name is written with K and the name of the blog is so complicated. Well, both of this question I can explain.

I come from Poland and there the name Claudia is written with K.

The name of my blog comes from my Instagram nickname and it’s a combination of two funny words in two different languages.

Die Hexe means in German the witch, but you can use it in a funny way, which may be symphatic. I found it totally interesting how the meaning of the words may be changed if we use different tone.

It’s same with the polish word ‘koza’ – the goat. I’m goat’s milk lover and in my childhood my grandfather had few little cute goats. I just used this name to emphasize the distance I have to myself and my roots. So, it’s like I’m the witch aka the goat. For me it sounds pretty funny.

I live in Hamburg since 3 years and I love this city. I found my home here and I feel totally happy here. I also speak German but I wanted my blog to be more international, I want to inspire the people from many different countries.

Fashion and photography are my passion, I also started to travel and it became one of my favourite hobbies!

I hope you like my lifestyle blog and I’ll see you more often here!