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Wakeboard Park in Süsel

Last year I’ve written a blogpost about doing the things for the first time and stop beeing afraid of the things you’ve never done before. I took you with me to Paris. It was my first flight and I was very excited! Nowadays, I’m traveling pretty often with the plane and I love it. 

This time I went one step forward and I’ve tried water sport – wakeboarding. I’m a sporty girl, grown up on the seaside, so where’s the problem? I can’t swim.

Last week I visited with Max and his cousin Simon Wakeboard Park in Süsel and spent there an awesome time. First day, I was just looking at the guys cruising on the lake with their wakeboards from the comfortable bistro, which is a part of the Wakeboard Park and perfect place to drink or eat something during the break (the French fries are extremely good).

The weather was pretty cold and it was raining – that’s typical this summer. But Max and Simon were very happy for that, because it didn’t change their plans. As long as the wind is optimal, the rest is nevermind. It’s even better, because the queue to the band was shorter – more practice, less waiting. 🙂

I was totally fascinated how great it looks like and how fast Max and Simon are making progress. I was so excited, that next day, I decided to try it too! I knew it must have be a lot of fun.

The first struggle was learning how to swim. After finding a matching wetsuit, wake vest and wakeboard, Max learned me how to swim – in the life vest, of course. But it gave me so much power and I was so happy that I decided to go on – I went with Max’s cousin Nils to the zone for the beginners. The closed-course cable system there is not that large, the turns are not that sharp and you become a lot of great tipps from the instructors. They’re very patient and motivate you all the time. My heart was pounding by every single start and even when I felt down into the water at the start – it was a lot of fun.

Nils is the best example, that you can learn wakeboarding in only two hours. After few starts, he was able to cruise the whole band, not only this one in the beginners zone, but also in the lange zone. I was so proud of him! We had so much luck that day, that we even met the master of wakeboard – Lars.

If you’re a beginner as I am, I give you some tipps: 

1. Buy 2-4 hours Ticket – I was able to use the band the whole day, but already after few hours I was totally exhausted. It’s better to visit it 3 times than spend only one whole day there. It’s better for your muscles.

2. Don’t give up – even if you’re going to fall 10 times into the water, try to start 11 time as well. Don’t make a breaks. I was a bad example, because I gave up too fast. Nils is a perfect example!

3. Have fun – nevermind, if you’re doing that for the first time or not. Make it for fun and you’ll improve yourself automatically.

It was such an exhausting and beautiful day at the Wakeboard Park in Süsel! If you ever plan to try it too or you’re just looking for a perfect place for wakeboarding, because you’re already can do it – I totally recommend you the Wakeboard Park in Süsel.

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