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All Denim Look – Shein

The all denim look had its ups and its downs. But for years, head-to-toe denim was deemed more sloppy than chic. 

I’m a big fan of the denim – I love jeans, jeans jackets and shirts. But I’ve never gone so far to mix it (I’m not counting black denim jeans and blue denim jacket, because I’m talking more about the colors than textiles)- till today. 

Everytime when I meet someone new and I have to describe myself, I use the sentence ‘I’m such a music freak’ – it may sound a bit silly, because who’s not? But for me the music is the greatest inspiration ever. 

I was in the subway listening to some hip-hop, when I passed by this skatepark. I found it totally awesome – it reminded me of some places where I was going during the high school to spend some great time with my friends. 

I took my best friend to this place and we decided to take some great photos there – firstly, I wasn’t sure what to wear. But then I thought ‘Why do not break some rules and wear something sloppy?’. 

Every Photoshooting is for me the new chapter, I like to make some experiments with the clothes, feeling a bit like an actress (in my own biography movie), showing step by step my life and my style.

A bit silly, romantic girl with rock and hip-hop in her head.

I’ve ordered this T-Shirt and the jacket in the online shop – Shein. I wear them pretty often (you can find some of the looks on my Instagram account @diehexeakakoza) but this combination is my favorite one! 

Get the look:

T-Shirt Shein | Jacket Shein | Jeans H&M | Shoes Vans | Necklace SassyClassy | Watch Lilienthal Berlin 



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