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I’ve started blogging an about one year ago. It was pretty spontaneous and just for fun – I wasn’t even sure to call myself blogger. The beginnings are always a bit hard, but I had an opportunity to be an assistant of one blogger from Hamburg and learn how to build a great content and collaborate with brands pretty fast. He also presented to me The Cirqle – the world’s first OAuth verified platform for connecting brands with global publishers. 

Rosefield Watch

The first brand, which I was working with through the Cirqle was OtterBox. If you follow me on my Instagram and read my blog regularly, you already know that I took my first flight to Paris to OtterBox Event. It was very exciting for me, it gave an opportunity to known a lot of fantastic bloggers, share the moments and products with my folllwers and build an awesome content. I love to travel – especially with OtterBox. 

Few months later I was in Munich for an another OtterBox Event – this time we were personalizing our #StradaLounge phone cases. I had a lot of fun!

Inez Cashmere

Many of my friends think that being a blogger and working with the brands is nothing else than losing your authenticity and starting creating your image in the way the people want you to see, not the way you really are. I’m very happy to write this post to proof you that’s not true. 

Firstly, I feel myself totally free – I decide which campaign I take, I pick the brands with which I want to work with and I’m choosing the products I present. I would never take the campaign, which doesn’t match to me. I think, that’s the best way to be successful in this business – staying authentic, creative and having fun. 

Of course, I had a moments when I needed some money, because being a trainee is not well paid and blogging as my hobby takes my whole free time. So it would be nice to earn some money as well. The Cirqle pays almost $100.000 dollars each month in influencers fees. 

Everyone has some favorite brands. Some of them are not making any campaign at the moment but you would love to collaborate with it and have an amazing idea how to create an awesome content to present it. What to do? The Cirqle gives you an opportunity to pitch to the coolest brands. 

During the Shooting I’m wearing this beautiful Cashmere Scarf from Inez and the Rosefield watch – I received it from the Cirqle in the Gift Box together with Travel Socks from Stox and Body Lotion from Marie Stella Maris

Tasty pralines were at the Box as well – yummy, I love chocolate! 



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