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As you saw on my Instagram, I was invited by Volvic for a trip to Iceland under the motto #FindeDeinenVulkan (eng. #FindYourVolcano). The campaign seemed to be very interesting for me from the begining and I took a part in it with curious and passion. 

But before I will start telling you stories about this wonderful trip filled with amazing adventures, I would like to write something more about this creative hashtag, which we took with us for the journey. 


The volcano I was looking for is my intrinsic energy, which gives me strengh and help me by reaching my goals, finding solutions and embrancing opportunities.

Nowadays we forget how powerful we are and concentrate ourselves on our flaws. We often say ‘No one is perfect’ instead of ‘We are all perfect in our imperfections’! We have to find our own beautiful, which makes us special and be proud of it. 


Our first journey has already started! Yay, we’re on the way to blue lagoon. After the breakfast at Marina Hotel and fast shooting while exploring harbour side of Reykjavik, we’re sitting in the bus and enjoy the sunlights which are kissing our skin. We’re all very excited, holding cameras and smartphones ready to capture all those beautiful landscapes we’re passing by. Some of us gave up taking photos, because of dirty windows in the bus and enjoy this moment with a smile and warm sunlights on the face.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attraction in Iceland. This geothermal spa is located in a lava field in southwestern Iceland – 50 minute drive from Reykjavik.

The warm waters are rich in minerals, the silicate minerals is the primary cause of that water’s milky blue shade. 


The weather in Iceland is very changeable. At the morning it was very windy and it was raining (with hailstones). At the Blue Lagoon we were enjoying the sun and after the supper it started snowing! We didn’t expect it and wasn’t very happy because of that – it was the time for one of the most exciting part of our trip, which required the clear sky without any clouds. It was the time for catching the northern lights!

Northern Lights Tour was very excited, we had to be very patient and brave – perfect for all adrenalin seekers! Driving with Super Jeeps through the roads, which were covered with snow and seemed not to exist provides thrills. The sky didn’t look clear enough to catch the northern lights but we didn’t stop hunting. We were very optimistic and after amazing time in the Blue Lagoon we knew we will have enough luck to see this phenomenon. The trust and patience became our inner strenght.

We stopped the car, went out, started staring at the stars, some of us smoked a cigarrete in silence and then it came. The bright dancing lights of aurora.

After this stunning light concert of Mother Nature we drunk some hot chocolate with vodka – it never tasted so good… and took a road trip back to the hotel.


On the third day we made a Volcano Jeep Tour, which took us the whole day! It was such a great adventure, because we weren’t just driving from place to place. We were visiting the majestical places, capturing almost every moment and getting known with each other more and more.

Our driver was an excellent travel guide, who made a great atmosphere during our tour telling us not only the history of the places we visited but also the legends, myths and folkstales. I couldn’t stop listening to it and being stunned of how is the nature important for the people living in Iceland.

We took an extra stop, because the horses in Iceland are the cutest animals we’ve ever seen! 

Black Sand Beach:

Waterfall Skógafoss:

And here we are: Eyjafjallajökull! 

I took four days long trip with my Volvic Team on the beautiful Volcano Island to find my inner strenght and I succeeded. But I not only found what I was looking for, I also took a trip of my life meeting many incredible inspiring people, felt in love with a magical Iceland, its spiritual life and respect to Mother Nature.  

Special thanks to my awesome photographer and best friend Sylwia Forys, who went with me to Iceland and made the best photos I’ve ever had. 



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    March 26, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    That whole trip must ‘ve been freaking awesome. Hope I will get to go to those places.
    All in all great entry, keep up the good work 😉

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