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Quit smoking with Nicorrete

This time It was a bit different. Firstly, it wasn’t just about showing the product but also about facing yourself with your own problem. For me smoking is a problem… I was trying to kick the habit many times. One time I’ve even succeeded for two years. But every single stressful situation, party, conversation with another smoker or bordness made me smoke the cigarette again. Why do we forget in such a situations what’s good for us and become weak? Or maybe we think we’re stronger, some kind of super heroes or something… I don’t know but every smoker will understand that it relaxes and gives the strength- weird things. 

As a social influencer I feel myself a bit ashamed. Yeah, okay – we’re not perfect, that’s obvious. But obvious is also that, that smoking kills. I love doing a lot of sport, healthy lifestyle is something what I promote and recommend everyone, even when I cook I always take a notice if the products are Bio and Fairtrade. So why do I smoke? It’s hilarious, isn’t it? 

The nicorrete campaign seemed to be perfect for me. I’m testing the nicorette spray and letting you know how the things are going on my Instagram Stories. I hope this time quitting smoking will be nice and easy. The design of the spray is very cool, because it’s pretty small and practice – I can always take it with me, wherever I go. The combination of black and green reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s album cover. You can see it on the photos – love it! 

I found my Nicorrete Spray at Apo-rot Versandapotheke. You can get your own spray with 10% discount code: hexe10. 



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