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Girls gone Loavies

One of the goals on my New Year’s list was to go to Berlin Fashion Week this year. It was important for me and I did my best to receive all of those invitations for the shows, parties and press fairs. I was so happy when I realized that I may be a part of it after half year blogging. 
It was a beautiful feeling that I would like to share. Because what’s happiness if you can’t share it without anyone? 

But just before the beginning this amazing fashion adventure things started going wrong. Like everything was ruining my plan to have three awesome days in Berlin – my main outfits are not delivered on time, my ‘friends’ are against me making me feel like a selfish bitch because of one invitation, I almost break my foot and at the end I have to choose between family and career. 

Do you believe in fate or destiny? 

I wanted to go this year to Berlin for Fashion Week very much but when you have this feeling that the whole universe is against it, you just have to let it go. Maybe it’s just a cheap explanation for me for what happened – not taking the chance and missing such an incredible event just because I’m too emotional person, who doesn’t like to live under the pressure surrounded by people who doesn’t wish me the best. 

Just for making me feel better I met my bestie, which I know more than 13 years, took her for a long walk and at the end made a small photoshooting. To make it more dramatic… it is one of the look I planned for BFW. But this one came on time 😉 

The motorbike jacket, striped T-Shirt and black trousers is from the new Loavies collection, which I totally adore! Check it out here

The glasses are from municeyewear, soon available to buy! 

And the classic Lilienthal Berlin watch. 

By the way did you check the new collection from Lena Hoschek, Leonie Mergen, Danny Reinke, Malaikaraiss and Lana Mueller? Simply wow! 



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