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Let your heart dance in the tune of love 

Where did all the love go? Just like in the Kasabian’s song I ask myself the same question. I always write my posts very personal. I don’t know if it’s professional or not, but in the last time I already act unprofessional too many times so I don’t give a care about it anymore. 
I call myself a Blogger, but it’s from the beginning just my hobby that I love and I don’t want to change it. As I was a teenage girl I was always wishing myself to have a good job to be able to do what I love in my free time. Not because I don’t believe that you can do for a living what you love, but because there’s no love without freedom. And freedom is there, where you don’t have to worry about money and concurrence. 

My passion is photography. blogging is more about writing my daily diary, expressing my life through some quotes and photos. That’s why what I promote is very important to me and have to match with my personality. I never promote the things I don’t like or that I don’t use.

This time I felt in love with this romantic black glitter tule dress from loavies. I wear it with classic black top and nude pumps. As an accessory I’ve chosen this beautiful bag from Beliya which is made from three small clutches. It makes it very unique and practice. 

Hmm… new year, new solutions? Yes. Keep having my wits about me and concentrate myself more on the future, letting my past make me better, not bitter. 

All photos taken by Andy Suryandi.



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