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High Tea Time Blogger Event 

Last Saturday we (Andy Suryandi and his team) had an opportunity to prepare the High Tea Time Blogger Event at Reichshof Hamburg – Curio Collection by Hilton. Our main goal was to set bloggers from Hamburg in one place at the same time, get known each other a bit more and create an awesome blogger community in our beautiful city. 

During the event we presented our team, did some sightseeing through the hotel, our great photographer (Liviu Mihoc) was taking professional photos for our guests. You can find couple of them under #reichshofhamburg on the Instagram. 

Darya took care of our guests answering the questions, making small talk and giving the tipps about blogging and collaboratin with brands. At the end we did an awesome Mannequin challenge. You can find the Video at Andy Suryandi Instagram

It was my first time if we’re talking about preparing an event and it takes a lot of time to plan something for an about 30 people. But it brought a lot of fun and at the end, we could simply say… it was worth it.

We’re also very thankful to all sponsors for an amazing goodie bags and Reichshof Hamburg for the best location in the city. It’s so unbelievable if we’re talking about the atmosphere at the hotel… I love to stay there. If you follow me on instagram you can see that I’m pretty often visiting this beautiful place. 

The building itself has a great history and the more you get known about it, the more magical this place becomes to be. It’s a hotel with a tradition but with the vision as well. I love the way it offers young people another awesome place to hang out, it simply moves on. 

Here are some photos I took during our sightseeing: 

The main hall of Reichshof Hamburg with the reception, lounge with the bar and living room.

Restaurant of Reichshof Hamburg.

And the bar with the casino. Girls and I couldn’t leave this place without taking some photos. So stylish… 

Special thanks to all bloggers that came and had a great time with us. We hope we see us soon on our next Blogger Event. 

Sponsors: Balr, Bellevue Eyewear, Bidges & Sons, Bowtie Bros, Box Fresh, Camel Active, Lacoste, Mutterland, Na Nature Addicts, OtterBox, Propercorn, Rehard, Reichshof Hamburg, Von Ernst.



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