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Strada Lounge 

As you saw on my instagram, I was taking a part in a very interesting Strada Lounge event in Munich from OtterBox last week. I’ve never been in Munich before and it was very exciting for me. It’s a second event in which I was taking part with from OtterBox and another great experience for me.

I’ve been always a big fan from OtterBox phone cases. I had my first one like more than a year ago. Back then I wasn’t even blogging but was happy to have it.

This time OtterBox was presenting the new phone cases called Strada Lounge. So I was very happy to take part of this great event. They look much more stylish and protect even the screen. But what’s the most beautiful thing in it? You can personalize it with monogram. I choose the first letters of my name and surname, so you can see on my green case KB. That’s so lovely.

But that’s not everything that makes Strada Lounge phone cases special. You can also put in the case your cards. There is a small pocket inside it. I find it totally cool. Now I don’t have to look for my metro card every time I get into it. It’s so practice.

As I said Strada Lounge phone cases look very stylish and they match pretty well to elegant look. But for crazy people like me gives an opportunity to make it more freaky with some cool stickers. Check personalized phone cases from the blogger at OtterBox Europe Instagram or OtterBox site.

If you’re from Germany, you can order your personalized phone case in Mediamarkt online store.

Check out my instagram too see my phone case with an awesome unicorn sticker.

Special thanks to Andy Suryandi for taking some photos of me during the time in Munich.



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