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Comfort brings confidence

The new one piece AW16 collection is called Night Crawlers. It’s an expression of our need to disconnect from the pre-scheduled daily routines. Inspired by the ones who come alive when the shift ends, living life on an inverted schedule, as kings and queens of the moment. Agile and maneuverable, abiding to no one but themselves.

This is the foundation of the new one piece collection. Modern leisurewear embodying flexibility, utility and comfort.
This grey one piece jumpsuit became my must-have this autumn. I’m simply addicted to it. During rainy days, which are pretty often in Hamburg, I wear it with rainy jacket. And during cold days I wear it with my winter jacket and warm Dr. Marten’s shoes, making my look a bit more military or with Emu shoes to make the outfit more cosy. But I also can imagine wearing it home, during cuddle days, without anything underneath it. 

I would like to write a bit about being confident. It was a problem I was fighting with for really long time. There was always something I didn’t accept in myself. When I had an awesome body, I had a problem with my skin (acne, I will write how I coped with it later). When my skin was okay, I wasn’t happy with my body. When I accepted the way I look like, I wasn’t happy with my life, because I don’t have a boyfriend and no one loves me (bullshit, there’s always someone who loves us). Trying to put a blame on me and my character. 

But when I’m looking back, I know it was a nonsense. Probably, it’s our nature to expect more and more, trying to be perfect. But we’re already perfect in our imperfections.

Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?

This grey jumpsuit was my choice, but one piece offers you a lot of other awesome clothes! Check it out at their website: One Piece.

P.S. Special thanks to my lovely friend Andy Suryandi for the shooting.



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