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Till now I was used to work with one photograper at the shooting and taking photos was more for fun. But since I have a blog, I’m always trying to find the topic which will match to the photos or I’m taking photos matching to the topic. The point is that it became more difficult. 

It’s still making me happy and I love taking photos. But I have some kind of plan in my head what I exactly want and how should it look like. 

Modeling is not that easy as I thought. I still have to learn a lot, but I have a great team and people who are giving me many advices. 

Yesterday, I was with my friends on the beach having barbeque and we decided to make a shooting in the water. I always wanted to do it. I was a bit afraid how is it going to look like but at the end I am pretty happy. I like the photos. 

It was an awesome experience because I was working with two awesome photographers. I love the shots from both of them but I see a big difference between their art as a model. And I started wondering why it looks so different. 

Is it because of different cameras, way the photograper takes the shot or maybe connection between photographer and the model? The answer is simple, all of it has an influence on that how the photo will look like. 

I will share with you some photos. πŸ™‚



fot. Andy Suryandi

fot. Liviu Mihoc 

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