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Metallic Love

Actually, with the words in the topic I didn’t mean only clothes. We all do have our hearts broken. And that’s what I wanted to express trough the name of my post. One of my biggest flaw is being naive, I am always making the same mistake trusting people too fast and opening my heart without getting known the person properly. Falling in love with the wrong guy is very bitter – it tastes metallic. Especially when you’re the cancer (oh my God, yes, Ido believe in astrology…), because cancers become emotionally attached with another people very fast.

But what’s important? Not to let another person break you. I don’t know why saying someone that you love him is taken as a weakness but it is. So, don’t let someone use you and take your love for a granted.

My favourite series are ‘Sex and the City’ and I do simply love it because the girls are showing that our life is not only being in the relationship (mostly, it’s just looking for a perfect relationship). We can love boys but we should always love ourselves more. And we can say it loud! 

What’s making me love this series as well is showing how important in our live is having good friends who support you and make your days better even when your heart got broken. 

And fashion, fashion, fashion…! We do love fashion and we are not afraid to show it. Maybe we’re not in the New York but in Hamburg. But it doesn’t change the fact that we’re self confidence mixing the styles and materials. 

Today I was wearing this long classy dress with the very stylish metallic blazer, which I adore. My friend, awesome blogger and fantastic comforter Diana is wearing an amazing metallic skirt, mixing it with the basic T-Shirt and Louis Vuitton backpack. 

All the photos are made by Andy



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    Diana June
    September 2, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    Love it sweetie, it was a great day with you ❤️ Diana June

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