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Herr Max 

I’m 22 and I’ve never flown before. Yes, I feel weird. I can’t swim as well, if you’re asking yourself what’s wrong with me. I can give you the long list of things I’ve never done before. I realized that I won’t live forever. That’s why I want to change it and start doing more for myself, exploring the world and learning new stuff. 

Since I’m living alone in Hamburg I’ve done so many brave things that I started believing in myself. That time you couldn’t follow it but now you can take this journey with me, watching my crazy life and knowing better my awesome friends.

In 3 weeks I’m going to Paris and it’ll be my first time flying. I’m so excited about Paris, because I always wanted to visit this wonderful city. I hope everything will be perfect and I won’t get lost. 

My lovely friend Andy invited me to go there with him as assistentin. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn again more and more about blogging. I appreciate that so much and I’m so happy! 

We visit an awesome local patisserie called Herr Max (Mr. Max) in the Schanze to book the plane ticket and to write some e-mails. I felt in love with this place from the first sight, it’s very cozy and stylish at the same time. There’s a WLAN so you can come here with your laptop and enjoy writing blog, drinking the coffee and eat delicious cake. I’m sure I will come back here to eat another cake. 



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