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I love spending my free time active. Being fit became my lifestyle and I started having control on my body. Why is it important to me?
Firstly, your body is your advertisement and it says a lot about you. Secondly, who likes not to feel comfortable in its own skin? Our confidence plays a big part in our life and it leads us to success. 

I’m not a type of skinny model… I have an athlethic body which I couldn’t accept. It has changed since I started doing sport to lift my body. I recognise that our flaws may become our advantage. It’s up on us what we do with it. 

One of my favourite activity at the gym or outside it’s jogging. It helps to keep my whole body fit and it’s like a meditation – concentration is getting better. 

Yesterday was really beautiful weather in Hamburg, but during the day was too hot for jogging so I decided to go a little bit later. 8 p.m. turned out to be perfect time, because at the end of the run I could look up to the beautiful view of the harbour during the sunset. 

I am a big fan of colourful sport clothes and I love to mix them. I wear khaki sweatshirt with cuts on its back, orange shorts and black nike shoes. After jogging I wore this red under armour jacket so I could cosy enjoy the sunset. What a nice evening! 



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