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SYML Interview

I’ve met Brian Fennell, the frontman of the moodier solo venture SYML, during Reeperbahn Festival and had an opportunity to make a small interview with him.

It was a sunny day, my best friend and I were enjoying Brian’s performance, drinking cold Fritz Cola and taking some photos. I was pretty excited, because it was my first interview and I wanted to do my best. I’ve seen Brian two days before during Nettwerk Showcase. His performance was simply amazing and I totally felt in love with his music.

This time his performance at the Festival Village was also stunning – wearing more casual clothes and smiling a lot, he seemed to be very sympathetic, relaxed and self esteem.

Did you always want to be a singer?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an animal doctor. But then I tried a little bit and it was very hard, so I was like, “maybe you should be just a musican”. *laugh*

Is the music your hobby or passion?

Both, I think it’s started more as a hobby and then became a passion. I went to the school for a musical education to be like a music teacher. So that was a big passion for a while. Then I started writing a songs in a collage and at the university and then from there I started touring with another band, that I was in. And it turns into this… So most of my life I spent with music.

Do you have any other hobbies or passions?

Well, I have two kids (babies) at home. So any passion or hobby I had before the kids I’m done with for a while. But… In the Seatlle, there were I live, I like to do mount biking – so I think it’s a hobby as well.

Do you collect something?

I try to collect keyboards.

What does the SYML means?

SYML means “simple” in Welsh. I was adopted when I was a baby and for everyone in US an adoption is closed, so I couldn’t figure out anything about my adoption until I was an adult. And then I found out, that some crazy percentage I’m a Welsh by blood. It became like an identity for me. My wife actually picked the name SYML, it’s like a good reminder to keep everything really simple. Simple things are better than complicated things.

How old were you during your first performance?

When I was a kid I played a piano and do piano recitals in front of the parents. But it wasn’t like in the collage, when I was playing a guitar and singing in front of people.

And how do you like Hamburg?

I love it! It’s beautiful and it reminds me the weather of Seattle.

Do you plan to come here again?

Oh yes, my wife is a Swiss and her family lives in Zürich. We always want to visit Hamburg, because it’s not so far away from there. I definately come back here, it’s beautiful here.

That’s great! Thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you for having me!



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