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Where do bloggers find their inspirations? 

It’s hard to impress the people, especially at the beginning… But thinking positive and being yourself it’s the key to success. I surround myself with lovely people who are supporting me and giving a chance to express myself. 

My followers don’t know me well, except friends who have already met me in real life. I want to change it.

I am living in Hamburg since two and half year and I’ve just started doing hotel manager training. My mother language is polish, but I also speak german and english. I adore fashion, photography and I’m addicted to the good music. 

My friends are very important for me and I love to spend the time with them. Today I met Andy Suryandi, my big inspiration and always great company. We always walks a lot looking for the nice scenery. Today we visit Eppendorf and then we stayed for a while in really nice bar & lounge Altes Mädchen (old girl) at Schanze. 



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